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Q: What brands of color do you use?

A: We use Davines’ “A New Color” hair color range exclusively. Davines offers a naturally driven, Ammonia & PPD free line. (Patch tests can be performed if you are someone highly sensitive). Ingredient lists can be found conveniently on the Davines North America website.​

Q: Is it true that I should avoid washing my hair prior to receiving a color service?

A: The idea is to avoid stimulating your scalp prior to receiving any kind of chemical service. This will alleviate any potential scalp irritation. Too much build up on the hair can result in challenges when trying to achieve grey coverage, lightening or toning/glossing the hair. It will essentially create a barrier over the hair preventing the product to effectively penetrate the hair shaft.

Q: How many times should I wash my hair per week?

A: Old wives tales have seemed to take off here! With the modern technology within our haircare brands, you CAN wash your hair on a very regular basis. We do advise avoiding washing daily especially when considering hair color longevity. Natural oils are GOOD! But not when they've been hangin' on for too long. 

Q: What kind of hair care brands do you carry?

A: Our haircare range is exclusively Davines. Davines is a B-Corporation and aligns with our salon values to a “T.” All products are gluten, sulfate & cruelty FREE, peta approved & geared toward hydrating, strengthening, volumizing & prolonging hair color. All while upholding their highest standards in sustainability & environmental impact! 

Q: Are you accepting new guests?

A: Always! Bri has stopped taking on new guests as her schedule has reached its maximum capacity. Giana & Devin are on referral only basis’, where their schedule allows. For the rest of our stylists, we recommend scheduling 6 weeks or more in advance! We take pride in the team we have built and will continue to accommodate our guests as promptly as possible.

Q: What is the best way to go about canceling or rescheduling?

A: We respond to all guest inquries during our working hours Wednesday-Saturday! Reach out to us at your convenience and as long as your requests are received within our cancellation policy time frame of 48 hours prior to the scheduled visit, there will be no penalty. We cannot guarantee that we can get you in right away in the event you need to cancel or reschedule - we can do as much as our schedules allow! In the event we need to reschedule on you - we will surely bend over backwards to get you in as promptly as can be, likely on a day we aren't typically scheduled to work.

Q: Why do I get multiple text reminders on the day of my scheduled visit?

A: Our reminders are in place as a courtesy to assist you as you navigate your busy lifestyle! An itinerary is emailed to you at the time you schedule each visit. Being our services are a la cart, there is a time assigned to each portion of your visit. Always pay attention to the earliest portion of the sequence of reminders that are texted to you on the day of your visit. 

Q: What is the best way to tip my stylist?

A: Gratuities are appreciated but never expected. It is a compliment to a job well done :) CASH tipping is the only form of tipping we accept - fortunately we have Walgreens and Noels with ATM's on site within the plaza for your convenience.

 Q: Feeling unwell? Here's our protocol...

A: Masks are not required in the town of Colchester or in our salon. Please wear your mask if it helps you to feel more comfortable while you are here! If you are feeling under the weather, please reschedule your visit. We will do the same. Our cleaning measures are diligent and thorough for your safety. In the event our staff has a viral outbreak, we will close our doors and return to our normal business practices as soon as we can safely do so.  

Q: Are gift cards available?

A: Yes! Gift Cards are available for purchase in the salon.

Q: Do you have more than one location?!

A: We do NOT. We have moved to Colchester, CT effective 08/2021. Unfortunately we have no control over GOOGLE and they have not changed our location on their maps. We have requested this several times. Please be mindful when navigating to us - a Colchester location may or may not be visible to you when using navigation apps. Your email reminders and this site will provide you with an accurate address to navigate to! We apologize for any confusion. 

Q: Why don't you offer printed receipts?

A: We do our best to minimize our footprint. You can receive receipts sent by email.

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